Best indoor dog potty Solutions | Review and Buying Guide

No amount of potty training can prevent those instances when your dog had urinated on the floor because he couldn’t make it outside in time.

The reasons for the delay are usually bad weather or health problems. While there’s not much you can do about them, you can at least make things easier by buying your pet the best indoor dog potty!

Best Indoor Dog Potty
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Sometimes it’s not rain, storms, snow or even senior dog joint problems like arthritis that lead to ‘accidents’. There are many dogs suffering from incontinence, and can’t control the urge long enough to go outside to urinate and end up doing it indoors.

What is the best indoor dog potty system?

You needn’t fret about it because there’s a solution called indoor dog potties or toilets. They are also useful for house-training puppies and make the perfect canine litter box for those living in apartments.

No matter what the reason may be, it’s imperative that you buy the best indoor dog potty for your dog. With dogs and cats urinating in different ways, the dog potty units are quite different from cat litter boxes.

We can help you select one by sharing the results of our quest for the best indoor canine potty. We will show you the different types of litter boxes and indoor potties available, and list out the differentiating features.


PetSafe Pet Loo Portable Indoor/Outdoor Dog Potty

Working pet parents no longer have to rush home to let their dog out to pee with the PetSafe portable indoor dog potty around. It’s not only helpful for working parents but also those living in apartments and who frequently travel.

It is comprised of an easy to clean synthetic grass mat that lets urine seep through it into the removable and covered collection tray. The Wee Sponge powder in the tray prevents bad odors and wet paws, and can be emptied as needed.

The potty comes with two grass mats so that you can use one while you rinse the other with hot water and hang out to dry. There’s also a unique Pee Pod liner that, with the Wee Sponge powder, absorbs and solidifies the urine for convenient disposal. Solid waste is easily scooped off like in a normal backyard.

The Pet Loo is meant for small spaces including RVs and campers and is available in three sizes for small to large breeds. Cleaning is easy with the Pee-Pod sliding off the base. The Wee Sponge powder turns into an easily disposable gel upon coming in contact with urine.

Pet Loo comes from the leading industrial US manufacturer that’s been helping pets and people for more than 25 years. The company also has an efficient customer care support team to turn to for assistance if need be.


Synturfmats Pet Potty Patch Training Pad for Dogs

This three-piece indoor dog potty training pad is ideal to help potty train different dog breeds. It has a three-layer system made of eco-friendly materials that let the urine drain.

There’s the upper non-toxic, PE synthetic grass mat looks and feels real, and absorbs urine effectively. It next has a middle tray that not only elevates the grass mat but also drains and keeps the mat away from urine. The urine eventually collects in the third PP base tray, which is how the grass mat is kept dry.

It’s easy to train your pet to use this toilet because it’s easily used without any assembly. Besides it looks like real grass, and canines are by natural instinct attracted to grass.

The potty system is also easy to clean. Just spray it down and occasionally give the grass and other parts a soaping. The system is affordably priced and budget-friendly, as long as you select the right one based on your dog’s weight and size.

It lasts longer because you only have to replace the grass mat if and when you feel you need a new indoor dog potty. As the potty is waterproof, you can safely leave it out in the patio or balcony if your pet is more comfortable urinating in these places.


Doggie Lawn Disposable Dog Potty

The DoggieLawn dog potty is unlike the other indoor canine potty units comprising of pee pads and fake grass. This unique indoor and outdoor potty training kit is comprised of hydroponic grass that smells and feels like real grass.

It not only feels like real grass, the hydroponic grass actually neutralizes odor too and is easier to potty train petes. It comes in three sizes to choose from based on your dog size and breed and are 25% larger than other units.

This doggy training kit is easy to use and maintain. There’s no cleaning involved. Just throw away the biodegradable grass bed every few weeks and replace it with a new unit. Its cardboard tray prevents leaks and is recyclable so there’s no worry about pee pads breaking down in landfills.

To top it all, it looks great in your home and apartments too. It’s just ideal for busy pet parents and senior canines with health problems. There’s even free dog training assistance available if necessary.


Sonnyridge Easy Dog Indoor Potty

Sonnyridge easy dog indoor potty system helps prevent pet accidents by potty training your dog. It has a tough and durable synthetic grass surface that’s easily cleaned using soapy water.

The grass is anti-microbial in nature. It’s treated with a substance that absorbs odor, making it difficult for bacteria to thrive. This indoor 3-layer potty system is comprised of an outer synthetic grass layer, a separating middle porous layer and the bottom self-contained durable tray that holds the urine.

The product is ideal to prevent dogs from urinating on the floor in the house, especially senior dogs with health issues like incontinence and arthritis. It’s small and compact in size to potty train both puppies and dogs in condos, apartments, balconies, and patios.


PETMAKER Puppy Potty Trainer

The Petmaker bathroom mat lets your pet relieve himself indoors if you live in an apartment, during bad weather conditions or your pet’s health does not permit him to go outdoors.

This is a three-layer puppy potty trainer system that is comprised of a safe and non-toxic synthetic plastic grass mat that looks and feels like real grass. There’s a detachable grid tray with holes for urine to drain to the bottom base tray and keep the grass mat dry.

The third layer is a detachable bottom base tray that’s easily cleaned. Just rinse and wash the tray with soap and water. The potty training system can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The grass mat is odor resistant and antimicrobial in nature, making it safe to use in any room of the house or apartment or on a patio, porch or garage. It’s designed for the potty training needs of small to medium-sized pets that can’t go outdoors for any reason.

What is an Indoor Dog Potty?

You’ve guessed right! The name suggests that an indoor dog potty is a bathroom for your pet in your house, and it’s true. They are in fact similar to cat litter boxes where your dog can urinate and pass stools on its artificial surface.

They need to be maintained well on a regular basis, like litter boxes. It’s also better to sanitize it regularly to prevent odors. They, however, shouldn’t be mistaken for traditional potty pads.

Though the two work similarly, there is a difference. Indoor dog potties are generally used by new dog owners to house-train their pets and are designed to last longer for prolonged use.

Different types of indoor canine potty systems

  • Plastic grates

Plastic grates with an elevated design are the most affordable options. It has holes or slots for urine to drain into the collection area while solid waste is caught on the screen to easily pick up and dispose of.

  • Litter Boxes

These are simply designed boxes with an entrance lip and raised sides that help contain the absorbent material. The boxes are used with pee pads, newspapers or canine litter.

  • Synthetic grass

These indoor systems have high-quality synthetic grass that simulates an outdoor environment because it looks and feels like real grass. It works like grates where urine flows down and stool stays atop for easy cleaning.

Synthetic grass systems do need a lot of maintenance. They need to be frequently cleaned despite having odor-neutralizing features.

  • Real grass

This is ideal for bringing the outdoors inside for outdoor loving dogs. It is comprised of a small patch of live grass placed atop a plastic, metal or cardboard base.

Not only does the grass make it easier for pups to get used to, but it also helps control odor and bacteria. These units are easy to maintain. Just toss out the grass patch when it dies and replaces with a new patch. This recurring grass replacement cost may end up to be a bit expensive for some.

  • Pee pad holders

Pee pad holders keep regular disposable puppy pads in place so that your dog can’t tear them apart or cause other damage. While there are various models, you basically have to place the pad or newspaper on a tray and lock it with a top layer of perforated holes.

It’s the holes that let the urine pass through to the absorbent material. The bottom tray works as a security layer ensuring nothing seeps through to damage your floors. These systems make excellent canine toilets that keep your home pee free.

Reasons to use indoor dog potty systems?

Indoor pet potty systems are versatile in nature, giving you various reasons to use it for dog potty training. It is especially helpful for canines that are unable to potty outside in the traditional way, and for the following reasons.

  • You Live in a Place with Limited or No access to outdoor space

It is owners living in high-rise condos and apartment complexes, and don’t have much access to outdoor space that prefer using these indoor systems for their dogs.

Some properties may have dedicated pet areas but as they are used by many animals, they are not always good for your dog. It usually takes a few minutes to reach these spots, which your pet may not be able to tolerate and have an accident on the way there.

Having an indoor dog potty system at home lets your pet relieve himself whenever needed. Most owners place the unit on a deck or balcony to minimize the odor in the house and give their pet some fresh air.

  • Your pet’s independence

Pets gain their independence with these indoor potty training sets. They do not have to wait for you to come home and let them do their business. They can go whenever they have an urge to go, making it both better for their health and happiness and prevent accidental messes.

  • For Housetraining purposes

Indoor pet toilets are perfect if you are still training a young pup or an adult dog. You can first train them to use these indoor pads, and then slowly transition them to the outdoors.

With time and training, your pet slowly but surely prefers using these indoor potty systems instead of messing up the floor. These units end up being the go-to place for canines to do their business if they have an urge to go in your absence.

  • Dogs having mobility issues

Yes, dogs do suffer from mobility issues that do not let them go outside. It may be a recent injury, arthritis or some other debilitating condition or even a tall flight of stairs that prevent them from going outdoors to relieve themselves.

With these potty training systems at home, there’s no need for them to move around too much. It not only helps canines with mobility issues, but is also helpful for elderly owners with mobility problems who cannot take their pets out to relieve themselves.

  • Medical or health problems

Sometimes your pet may be suffering from a medical problem that affects how they urinate or defecate. For example, they may not be able to control urine, which is incontinence, and common with senior dogs. It makes it difficult to hold urine for long, which in turn leads to accidents.

It’s so easy for a pet owner to use these indoor canine toilets. Just place it in a spot that your pet easily sees and can reach. This may be a small change on your part, but is a huge relief for pets suffering from health problems.

  • Bad and inclement weather

An indoor canine toilet is practically a must if you live somewhere with long and cold winters, hot summers or in snow-covered areas. This way your pet can relieve himself at home without you or your pet having to wear thick winter wear and go out a few times every day.

  • Frequent traveling

It’s not actually ideal to leave your dog alone at home for long periods of time when you travel. However, there are some situations where you have no other option but to do so. This is when these indoor potty systems let your pet relieve themselves when needed, instead of having to wait for you to do so!

How Often Should an Indoor Dog Toilet Be Cleaned?

There is no doubt that your indoor dog potty has to be kept clean and sanitized at all times because it’s exposed to the bacteria and microorganisms in dog feces and urine.

Failure to do so can have severe repercussions on not only your pet but also everyone at home. Not only will your dog fall ill or catch diseases, but even you and others at home are also susceptible to health problems.

This is why it’s better to maintain a habit of cleaning the system at least once a day if not every time your dog uses it. There are some systems that are really easy to clean.

How do you clean a dog potty patch?

All you have to do is empty the contents into your potty patch and rinse the container. You can also use a pet-friendly cleaner for the bacteria and allow it to dry overnight. Just make sure you do not use anything containing harsh chemicals on the things your dog will be interacting with.

For example, the units with real grass pads just have to be tossed out and replaced every few weeks. The plastic or metal products can be washed and cleaned using hot water or mild soap.

How do you house train an indoor dog?

There’s no point buying the best indoor dog potty if your pet doesn’t want or know how to use it. It’s a dog’s instinct to prefer going outdoors to relieve themselves instead of doing it on a new and alien product.

This is why you have to spend some time training your pet to use it, and prevent messes at home. 

Here are some tips to help you out:

  • Start as Soon as Possible – No Further Delays

It’s important you start house training as soon as you bring your puppy or adult dog home. You have to get them used to using the indoor potty by letting them take a good look at it and smell the area. It’s better to use a happy and inviting voice while enticing them to let them know it’s safe and good to use.

  • Follow a Routine

Dogs love following a schedule, which is why you have to watch for when your pet wants to use the bathroom. Once you notice a fixed schedule, start following it so that they get used to using the indoor toilet. It’s also better to feed your pet at the same time every day to maintain regularity in their defecation and urinating times.

  • Think Positive Reinforcement

Using positivity is always better than punishment while training your pet. You could perhaps award your dog with some treat or at least say some loving words whenever they use the potty system.

This not only keeps them happy but also lets them know that the system is good and safe to use. Similarly, no matter what happens, don’t yell or hit your dog.

This only has an adverse effect on your training program where your pet ends up associating the potty with bad feelings instead of looking forward to using it.


After reading all this, you most likely having trouble deciding between an inexpensive or a hassle-free dog toilet system. However, you needn’t worry, especially if you can get a bit of both.

The best indoor dog potty system we’ve reviewed at the top of the list may seem expensive but is actually economical in the long run. Besides, it also offers a hassle and odor-free and dog-friendly dog potty experience.

Not only is it innovatively designed with its highly effective drainage system, but it’s also a potty system that actually solidifies the urine to eliminate odors, spills or messes, and to make it so easily disposed of.

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