Best Dog Food For Less Poop – Review & Buying Guide

Are you fed up of cleaning up after your pet all day long? Have you tried maintaining a routine, but still find no respite? Well, it’s maybe because you are doing a few things wrong.

It’s usually the wrong dog food that leads to your canine producing more poop than normal. Try changing to the best dog food for less poop and you’ll be amazed by the changes you see!

Best Dog Food For Less Poop
Best Dog Food For Less Poop

Yes, it’s through my own discovery that it all depends on what we feed our pets. Dogs may have frequent bouts of pooping because of indigestion or health problems. It’s when it’s a regular problem that it’s probably because of the wrong food you are feeding him.

Canines generally follow a consistent diet of whatever their owner feeds them. They don’t get to choose from different cuisines. It’s you who makes the choice that decides how much he poops.

It’s better to check the dog food ingredients because the amount of stool produced depends on the number of indigestible ingredients. Your pet needs some indigestible fiber to clean the digestive tract and stabilize blood sugar levels.

However, food containing too much meat and grain by-products just enters the stomach to get eliminated. In short, stop feeding your pet foods with excessive indigestible ingredients and change over to the best dog food for less poop. 

It’s generally food containing ingredients dogs once ate in the wild like raw meat, vegetables, and fruits.


Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Stella’s Super Dinner

Canines by nature crave meat, giving you all the more reason to start feeding them Stella & Chewy’s super dinner. The patties are made of sustainably sourced US ingredients like 95% grass-fed beef, organs and bones along with 100% organic fruits and vegetables.

Each batch is crafted in small batches in their US kitchens to provide the best protein-rich meat and grain-free food for your pet. Each recipe is minimally processed without any added hormones, antibiotics, grains or fillers, making it 100% safe and balanced for consumption by canines in all life stages.

There will be a marked improvement in your pet with regular consumption of the food. His digestion and appetite improves to give respite from allergies, healthy teeth and gums, vibrant skin and coat and improved stamina and immunity levels.

Stella & Chewy’s food is not heated or cooked like other dehydrated dog foods. It’s freeze-dried and retains all the vital nutrients important for a natural, raw and nutrient-rich balanced meal for your pup.

All of Stella & Chewy’s recipes are pure, grain-free and nutrient-dense without any unnecessary carbohydrates to help maintain your pet’s healthy weight. The food doesn’t even need any rehydration; you just serve it to your pet when ready.

If your pet doesn’t drink water at mealtime, it’s better to rehydrate it by crumbling and adding a ¼ cup of cool or warm water to 2 patties.


Merrick Whole Earth Farms Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Merrick Whole Earth Farms Grain-free dry dog food supports a dog’s nutritional needs for all life stages. This means if your pet likes it, you can feed it throughout his life without having to look for different products to meet your pet’s changing body and hunger needs.

All of Whole Earth Farms dry food recipes constitute protein-rich real beef, lamb, fish or pork blended into a natural and vitamin and mineral fortified canine food recipe. It’s grain-free dry food providing your pet with all-natural goodness from the earth at a great value.

The food contains only the best ingredients without any fillers like corn, poultry by-products, soy, wheat or artificial preservatives, flavors or colors. It’s cooked in the USA using earth’s best natural and high-quality ingredients to provide your pet with complete and balanced nutrition.

The high-quality protein and natural ingredients provide for easier digestibility, less shedding, increased energy levels, stronger nails, and shinier coat and skin. 

All of Whole Earth Farms’ recipes are cooked in the USA and are available in both grain-free and wealthy whole grain dog food recipes. It’s the perfect dog food choice for pet parents looking around and exploring natural pet food options.


Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Organic Grain Dog Food

Honest Kitchen’s Revel dog food is unique because it’s human grade. It’s made using natural and human-grade ingredients used in human food like free-range chicken. It contains no preservatives, by-products or GMO ingredients and is dehydrated to maximize and retain the phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

It’s made in the USA in a human-grade food processing facility under the same FDA standards for human food. Just add water and wait for five minutes to serve your pet a warm and delicious meal.

The finely diced ingredients provide for easier digestion and nutrient absorption. It’s high in protein and fat, making it perfect for both puppies and active adult canines of all sizes and breeds. Its high concentration means a 10 lb box makes 40lbs of fresh food.

Honest Kitchen sources their ingredients only from known and trusted sources and made using sustainability and fair-trade practices. The company is proud that they make your pet’s food alongside human breakfast cereals and mixes, following similar people food safety, quality and cleanliness standards.


Taste of the Wild Grain Free Premium High Protein Dry Dog Food

Are you looking for premium high protein dry dog food? If yes, Taste of the Wild’s Grain-Free recipe may be just what you are looking for. Its number one protein-rich ingredient is roasted pasture-raised bison and venison that provides for your pet’s strong and lean muscles with a roasted flavor your dog will enjoy.

The added vitamins, minerals, fruits and vegetables act as superfoods providing the body with hard-working antioxidants. Its omega-6 and 3 fatty acids are responsible for your canine’s shining coat and healthy skin.

There are no artificial flavors, preservatives or colors added, or any grain, corn, wheat or fillers. The dog food is both nutrient-rich and highly digestible, with its proprietary K9 Strain probiotics developed specifically for dogs.

It’s added after the cooking process for viability. Each pound of the dog food carries 80 million live and active cultures for optimal digestive and immune systems.

This pet food is made in the USA in a family-owned and run establishment using scientifically advanced food safety protocols for the good health of adult dogs.

The highly digestible energy helps them remain active while fruits, legumes, and vegetables provide the antioxidants for overall vitality. Dogs love the taste of the wild, so let Taste of the Wild help satiate their craving.


Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food

Even your dog deserves to look great in old age. The right food and nutrition go a long way at keeping your pet’s skin and coat soft and shiny, and joints flexible and strong.

It’s keeping this in mind that Hill’s Science Diet’s more than 220 scientists and veterinarians came up with their adult diet dry dog food for sensitive stomachs.

It contains prebiotic fiber that’s essential for supporting your senior dog’s gut microbiome. Not only is it formulated to be easily digested by your canine, but it’s also packed with vitamin E and Omega-6 fatty acids to give your pet a lustrous coat and healthy skin.

Hill’s Science Diet is made in USA using global and trusted natural, great-tasting ingredients from Hill approved facilities that meet stringent quality standards.

The ingredients include real chicken, lamb or salmon protein, clinically proven antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids but no artificial colors, flavors, chicken by-products or preservatives. There are even feeding instructions on the package to ensure you don’t over or underfeed your dog.

What food types can affect a dog’s poop?

Various factors and ingredients like protein, fats, grain, and fiber can affect your pet’s poop. Your canine passes more stools if there are too many fillers in the food.

Many low-quality canine foods contain lots of minimally digestible grains. This makes your dog poop more frequently than they would have if they were fed a raw and easily digestible diet.

Importance of fiber in dog food and stools

Fiber is very important for regulating your dog’s stool cycle. While more fiber means more fillers, these fillers are generally rice hulls or soybeans. Excessive fillers lead to frequent stools because your pet can’t digest it, and insufficient fiber also has its repercussions.

In short, the right amount of fiber is necessary to regulate your dog’s intestinal functioning and to promote a healthy stomach. Just ensure your dog gets the right kind of fiber every day, which is good for them.

How much fiber does dog food contain?

It depends on the food variant. Fiber constitutes only 4% of the food in a wild dog’s diet while kibble constitutes nothing less than 15% fiber. Some brands may even constitute as much as 30% of your pet’s diet, which can be bad if it’s the wrong fiber type.

Common dog food fiber sources

Different foods contain different common fiber sources. Some may be healthy and soluble in your dog’s system while others absorb water instead of dissolving in it.

High-fiber carbohydrate-rich food is always better for your pup because carbs have more calories than fiber. Examples are apples, oats, flaxseed, carrots, legumes, beet pulp, psyllium husk, and whole grains.

Best Dog Food For Less Poop
Our Cody eating his home cooked food

High-fiber canine food advantages

High-fiber canine food has some surprising advantages. Most importantly, they make your pet feel fuller with fewer calories, and improves your pet’s digestive system.

  • Better Digestion
  • Fiber regulates the digestive system’s functioning and prevents constipation and diarrhea by drawing and absorbing water into the intestine.
  • Better blood sugar levels
  • Fiber helps maintain your dog’s blood sugar levels to prevent obesity and canine diabetes.
  • Satiates with fewer calories
  • Fiber makes your dog feel full and satisfies their hunger through small meals to prevent unnecessary weight gain.

High-fiber diet food can help certain health conditions

Not only do high-fiber diet foods offer the above-mentioned benefits, but high-fiber also treats these common canine ailments:

  • Promotes healthy intestinal flora necessary to prevent weight gain and reducing obesity in dogs.
  • Helps in many types of intestinal dysfunction.
  • Firms up your dog’s stools, which pressurizes the anal glands and prevent them from clogging.
  • Regulates blood sugar levels to help manage canine diabetes

While high-fiber diets are indeed helpful in treating some health conditions, and offer various benefits, it’s always better to consult your vet if the problems persist even after changing the food and diet.

How bad is too much poop?

Excessive poop is the top indicator of your dog’s diet quality. Dogs end up pooping much more than they should if they are fed food containing too many indigestible fillers.

This means that the better or easier canine food is digested, the less poop your dog produces. Besides, higher digestibility foods provide your pet with a rich diet that their body completely utilizes. This, in turn, leads to a considerable reduction in their pooping.

Best Dog Food For Less Poop
Our Cody – Cocker Spaniel

Signs of high digestibility in dog foods

Digestible foods are most often found in a raw diet because the raw ingredients are more natural to dogs than the animal parts used as filler. The signs indicating indigestible dog food include:

  • The food is completely digested if your dog doesn’t require that much food to feel full.
  • Consistent movements also indicate easily digestible food.
  • You know more food is utilized by their body if there is less poop to pick up every day.

Define a Low-Residue diet and its trademarks

A low residue diet constitutes of high quality and easily digestible ingredients that keep your pet pooping less frequently and in smaller amounts. It is also a great choice for dogs having systems that easily break down because of their sensitive stomach.

The common ingredients here are animal proteins, healthy fats, nutritional supplements, and cooked fruits and vegetables that give your pup a balanced and optimal meal.

  • 1. High protein levels

Dog foods contain lots of proteins, where the best sources are meats, fish and eggs. Proteins should constitute a major portion of the food, about 18% for adults and 22% for puppies.

Proteins are important for a dog’s diet, especially those with digestive problems. Some canines are allergic to chicken or beef, which is when they should be fed richer protein sources like lamb, venison, duck or kangaroo.

Checking the ingredient list is the best way to ensure that protein is the top ingredient in your chosen pet food. ingredients are generally listed in order of quantity.

So if proteins are listed first, it’s the most used in whole. It may be better to have meat meals together with dog food because proteins are generally weighed before cooked into the food.

  • 2. Digestibility

Easily digestible food is the best for your dog because it keeps him healthy and poop at an all-time low. Most brands list the digestibility levels while you may have to contact the company to get an estimate if there are no lists. Foods with 85-99% digestibility always make a better choice.

  • 3. Nutritional

Your pet’s food should constitute various healthy nutrients comprised of carbohydrates like tapioca, rice or potatoes to fiber, healthy supplements, and fat. They together provide your pet with a rounded and balanced diet.

  • a) Adequate fat

The dog food should have sufficient fat for optimal canine health. It energizes them and keeps their internal systems healthy. This is why adult dog food should have at least 5% fat and puppy food, 8%.
The best range is 15% because a healthy amount of fat provides for a silky coat and irritant-free skin. As always, too much of anything is bad, including fats. Too much fat leads to excessive diarrhea and oily poop, which no pet owner likes.

  • b) Digestion improving supplements

Supplements are essential for smooth digestion, which is why canine food should contain omega fatty acids and pre/probiotics. They play an important role in controlling inflammation, which makes your pet happy.

  • 4. Use more of dry kibble

It’s better to feed young pups that don’t have any dental problems dry kibble. Dry foods have more of what your pet needs, and keeps their stomach full for longer than wet foods. While raw diets are suggested, it should be accompanied by lots of liquids to help them swallow it.

  • 5. Check quantity

No matter which dog food you select for your dog, it’s important you watch the quantity to maintain their weight and poop frequency. Dogs have specific food needs largely dependent on their size and lifestyle.

For example, Chihuahuas have to be fed much less than fully active golden retrievers. This is why each food brand has a list of guidelines to help you determine how much you should feed your pet.

It’s better to follow them, especially with nutrient-rich and concentrated food because your pet needs less of these foods for their daily food requirements.

  • 6. Foods with probiotics

Probiotics go a long way in maintaining your pet’s digestive system. They not only stop bacteria from growing in your pup’s system but also helps with their digestion to reduce pooping. Probiotics are essential for pets with allergies because they help stabilize their immune system while minimizing symptoms.

Reasons for feeding low residue dog foods

Low residue canine food is essentially good for your pet’s health because it’s easily digestible, and leads to less frequent movements. It’s a good choice for dogs with digestive problems like inflammatory bowel disease, nausea, and diarrhea.

Low-quality foods full of fillers stress their digestive system to quickly expel it. A low residue diet prevents this to give you a healthy pet.

How to select the right low residue dog food

There are a few things to look out for when looking for low residue dog food. Look for foods with quality ingredients and an AAFCO stamp indicating it’s a good nutrient profile for certain dog age groups.

There are also some things to avoid like:

  • Foods containing unidentified meat meals or by-products
  • Anything containing by-products and unknown meats should be avoided. Not only should the food list protein as the top ingredient, but it should also be chicken, beef or salmon. By-products are mainly indigestible fiber your pet will poop out.
  • Foods with artificial flavors and colors
  • Low-quality food products contain artificial colors or flavors to attract humans. However, it’s bad for canines and has no nutritional value. It’s a leading cause for food allergies.
  • Foods containing additives and irritants
  • Avoid foods containing irritants like dairy that affects your pet’s stomach like it would in lactose-intolerant people. Also, avoid foods containing preservatives that don’t have any nutritional value and are harmful to dogs.

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