Best dog bones for aggressive chewers

You’ve had enough. All the dog toys and bones you buy for your pet just don’t satisfy him. He eventually ends up chewing on your favorite shoes or furniture.

Do you know why he does this? Well, it’s because he’s a destructive chewer with special chewing needs best satiated with the best dog bones for aggressive chewers.

Best Dog Bones For Aggressive Chewers
best chew bones for dogs

Why Do Dogs Chew?

Chewing is a canine trait, and there’s nothing much you can do about it but to help satiate his desire. Puppies and dogs need to gnaw at things. Puppies chew when teething or exploring the new world while older dogs do it to keep their masticatory muscles strong, their teeth clean and brain occupied.

There are so many toys to choose from, it’s important you remember some factors to ensure you buy the best dog bones for aggressive chewers. Look for something strong that doesn’t end up destroyed within a few minutes of continuous and deep chewing.

These toys come in different flavors and textures to cater to a dog’s personal choices. Choose yours based on size and the type of material your pet likes gnawing. These bones come in various styles and prices like shin bones to antlers and flavored plastic toys. There’s definitely something your pet will like.

Long Lasting Dog Chews to Keep Your Dog Busy

Just because you’ve bought a great bone doesn’t mean you can leave him with it. You have to keep watch on him while playing to ensure no splinters or small pieces end up entering his mouth. Too much chewing may also make your pooch thirsty, so keep some water nearby.

Safe doggie toys don’t easily break into little pieces. This is important because your pet may ingest and get choked or even injured by small broken parts. It’s even worse if you select something with toxic or sub-standard materials that ends up affecting your dog’s health.

Buying something stuffed, vinyl, plushy or latex for heavy chewers is a no-no. They are not durable and get ripped up by your dog. The money you think you can save by buying these sub-standard dog toys is lost through your dog’s medical bills and replacement toys.

The best bones for aggressive chewers are made of high-quality material and may be expensive. They, however, last longer and are better for your budget in the long run.

Here are some doggie toy reviews worth considering for heavy gnawing.


2 pack Water Buffalo Horn Dog Chews

Best Dog Bones For Aggressive Chewers
Credit: LolaBarksdale

Dogs have a habit of chewing

So it’s best to keep them busy with appropriate products. The destructive ones need something strong like Buffalo Hornz’s long-lasting natural water buffalo horn dog chews.

Unlike other treats that are usually hollow in structure, these are solid and last longer in your pet’s paws. It’s also hard enough for your pet to whittle away at it and keep him busy for hours without losing any interest.

They are made using 100% natural water buffalo horns and come in a pack of two. There is a total of three sizes to choose from. The small ones are suitable for dogs weighing 15 pounds and more, the medium-sized ones for dogs weighing 40 pounds and more while the large sized ones for any sized dogs.

Buffalo Horn dog chews may emit a strong odor when fresh, but tends to fade away with time. The smell, however, is nothing when compared to the odor emitted by cow hooves.

Despite being on the slightly larger side, they are surprisingly easier to hold. This gives the added advantage of not worrying about your pet frequently dropping one, staining floors.

Most dogs just love carrying them around to satisfy their chewing cravings instead of gnawing at your precious furniture and shoes. Though hard in structure, they aren’t as hard as antlers. They soften up once your dog starts drooling on it, but still lasts for months.

Just a precaution, it is better to not leave your canine friend alone with them. It can always get soft and pose a choking hazard.


Grain-Free Beef Trachea Dog Chews

safe dog chew for aggressive chewers
Credit: Pinacalaudia

perfect healthy dog chews for your pet

If you’re looking for a healthy dog chew, Natural Rapport, the US-based family business may have just what you are looking for.

Their freeze-dried beef bites are perfect to keep them busy, and not damage your furniture and footwear. You can also use them as a treat for good behavior or when training.


  • All natural, and perfect for both small and large dogs.
  • They are made using 100% USDA-inspected meat and contain proteins and amino acids that help maintain your pet’s health.
  • They are true to their name in being natural treats. They do not contain any preservatives, hormones, mixed meats, artificial dyes or flavors, by-products or even salt or antibiotics.
      • Nice Long Lasting Chew
      • These beef trachea dog bones are strong enough to last a long time in any destructive pet’s paws and teeth.
      • Non-Greasy
      • It’s non-greasy, making it clean enough to use even on carpets without leaving any stains behind.
      • Great source of glucosamine
      • Most importantly, these dog bones are also a great source of glucosamine, necessary for optimal joint health in dogs. All thanks to the trachea that’s both cartilage and glucosamine rich.
      • It’s also easily digestible, so there’s no risk of it damaging the digestive tract.
      • Perfectly Safe
      • They are perfectly safe because they don’t break into shards as your dog chews on it. It instead gets soft enough for your canine to tear off.
      • They maintain their shape, and do not end up a soggy mess or smelling like a raw chicken with use.

      They come in a resealable bag to ensure they last longer than other similar industry standard ones. They don’t even need refrigeration upon opening, making them all the easier to store.

      These are perfectly smoked, using real wood for flavor and does not depend on any ‘liquid smoke’ chemicals for flavor.

      There are also no lingering odors that may make your pet not want to eat it.


      • Long lasting
      • Removes tartar and keeps your dog’s teeth clean and mouth health healthy.
      • Not greasy to the touch, unlike others I’ve tried.
      • No preservatives or chemicals
      • Made with 100% USDA Inspected meat
      • Made in the USA (quite possible the most important benefit of all)


      • Not really a con but I wish there were more tracheas in each package, perhaps in different sizes since we have smaller rescue pup as well.
      • It does have a slightly stinky smell but nothing compared to cow hooves.


      12” Braided Bully Sticks for Dogs

      best dog bones for aggressive chewers
      Credit: Thunders_pit_crew

      Braided Bully Sticks

      These 12” natural Braided Bully sticks are just what you need for your pet if you are looking for something long-lasting.

      These are healthy and durable treats made by braiding together three high-quality bully sticks.

      There are no artificial preservatives, hormones or chemicals and the braids are slowly and painstakingly roasted to make a tasty treat for any dog breed.


      • Contain No artificial ingredients, No hormones, and No chemicals
      • The braided bully sticks come from free-range, grass-fed cattle procured at USDA and FDA approved facilities. The company assures that these are one of the best quality, low odor treats available today.
      • The bully sticks are also low in fat, but high in protein, just what your pup needs to grow strong and healthy without the fear of gaining extra weight.
      • Natural Dog Dental Chews
        • The chews help to remove harmful plaque and tartar leading to improvements in overall dental health.
        • These treats prevent your pet from gnawing on your shoes and furniture for a long time to come. Their natural chewing action also helps generate saliva that is integral in promoting your dog’s healthy gums and teeth.
        • It also helps remove any harmful dental plaque and tartar buildup on the teeth for overall and improved dental health.
        • Made in USA
        • The treats are manufactured in healthy and safe South American processing plants following the strictest quality assurance standards.
        • They are also affordably priced, and available in various bulk pack sizes of 10, 25, 50, 100, 250 and more sticks in a pack.
        • Pawstruck is so committed to 100% customer satisfaction that their bully braids even have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee package.
        • Subscribe & Save Feature
        • You can also save considerably by buying in bulk, and taking advantage of the Subscribe & Save feature.
        • The offer ensures bully sticks automatically appear at your doorstep as required. With their 36 months’ shelf life, there’s nothing stopping you from buying these treats in bulk.


        Himalayan Gold Yak Dog Chews

        best dog bones for aggressive chewers
        Credit: thejoyofnala

        Himalayan Gold Yak Dog Chews

        The Himalayan Gold Yak dog chews are just what you need to keep your pet busy and happy through the day. This is an Eco-kind and good quality pet treat recommended by veterinarians.

        These are not ordinary yak treats, but ‘A’ grade variants sourced from the Himalayas. It’s made using a tried and tested ancient recipe derived from the mountains of Nepal. It’s a totally natural and nutritious treat made using yak and cow’s milk.

        • No Harmful Ingredients
        • These chew sticks are free from any unnatural additives, chemicals, and preservatives. The product contains all natural, ingredients which are 100% healthy & safe for your dog..
        • Complete Digestible
        • It’s processed in such a way to remove all its lactose, and render it safe, gentle and easily digested even by sensitive stomachs. You are assured your canine friend will just sink his teeth into it.
        • Not only are these treats easily digestible, they last five times longer than traditional rawhide variants. They are also highly nutritious and are assured of giving your dog hours of chewing time.
        • Keep your Dog Busy
        • Each bag contains 3-4 thick and large pieces measuring about 6-8 inches long and about 1-2 inches wide.
        • You needn’t worry when your dog gnaws on it because they do not contain any artificial or harmful ingredients like preservatives, additives or chemicals.
        • It’s made of 100% natural ingredients that are both safe and healthy for your pet.
        • No Stinky Odor

        They are odorless, so there’s no worry about any foul odors disturbing you while he chews on it. In short, it’s a perfect treat to keep your pet busy both indoors and outdoors.

        They are also a great value as the more you buy, the more you stand to save. Like any other treats, it’s essential your dog uses it only under close supervision.


        Deer Antler Dog Chew

        Best dog bones for aggressive chewers
        Credit: Coopers_adventure

        Deer Antler Dog Chew

        Are you fed up of buying so many toys that just don’t seem to be able to withstand your canine friend’s destructive gnawing habits?

        Your search may just about end here with this Deer Antler chew.


        • 100% All Natural, Long Lasting Deer Antlers for Dogs
        • This is a 100% natural and odor-free deer antler specially produced to satiate destructive pets.
        • The fact that it is odorless means that you won’t mind his gnawing away at it both indoors and outdoors.
        • It’s also mess-free because it doesn’t end up a soggy mess after hours of use. This is thanks to the fact that these antlers last much longer than most artificial versions.
        • Tastier and healthier than nylon bones and rawhides
        • To make things better, they contain many beneficial bio-nutrients, making it a healthy treat for your mutt. They also taste better than other nylon bones and rawhide chews.
        • This is all thanks to the fact that these deer antlers are all natural and unprocessed, picked from the heart of the USA.
        • As these are actual bone structures shed from wild animals, they are obviously hard in structure.
        • Made in Usa
        • These deer antlers for dogs are unprocessed and picked from the heartland of the USA.
        • offer a 100%, no-questions asked, satisfaction guarantee
        • These Heartland Antlers also come with a 100% no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee. This gives you all the more reason to consider buying them to keep your pet entertained and busy for hours to come.

        This is the main reason many people buy them for their pets. They are harder and last longer than most canine bones without creating much of a mess.

        It’s for the very same reason that your pet should not be left unsupervised with it as it may injure their teeth. Though hard, antlers are still destructible.

        There is a possibility of some pets gnawing so much it ends up as small and dangerous pieces or shards. These pieces should be immediately discarded to prevent unwanted complications if swallowed.

        The antler can also pose a choking hazard if swallowed after it’s worn down with use. So make sure any worn out antlers are discarded and not kept lying around.

        Tips on handling aggressive chewing dogs

        Are you used to coming home to missing shoes or sandals? Are you looking for a solution to your problem? You may know by now that your canine friend is responsible for your missing footwear. However, you wonder what you can do to prevent your pooch from chewing your possessions to complete destruction.

        Well, you first need to know that there are two types of dog chewers -aggressive and non-aggressive. It’s the aggressive dogs that gnaw at things with so much strength and enthusiasm and end up breaking or swallowing it. The non-aggressive ones aren’t so dangerous because they gnaw on things gently.

        There’s nothing wrong about dogs chewing. In fact, it’s a natural and healthy part of their growing process, usually starting when they start teething. Don’t worry.

        This doesn’t mean that you have to accepting of the fact that you’ll always have missing footwear. 

        The following tips should help your canine chew responsibility without damaging your personal things.

        • Remove your personal possessions and hide them somewhere unreachable as your dog is attracted to anything with your scent.
        • Now that you’ve hidden your things, give your pet something to chew on. Look for suitable toys for destructive mutts because you don’t want to spend money on something he’ll end up swallowing in a few hours’ time. Buy long-lasting toys and bones, and toys he’s fond of.
        • Keep your mutt’s age and size in mind when looking for the best dog bones for aggressive chewers. Some of the more durable toys include rubber balls, Nylabone toys, and toys with ropes. Rawhide products are great for destructive pets because they don’t cause the health problems rawhide triggers.
        • You can also handle destructive pets by perhaps stuffing his favorite snacks inside a toy. He not only quickly picks up its scent, but it also keeps him busy until he reaches it.


        Remember, most canines tend to chew a lot out of boredom. You can understand better by thinking about what you used to do when you were young and bored. There’s a high probability that you unintentionally ended up in some trouble.

        It’s when you remember this that you realize your pet chews so much for the very same reason. In short, you have to keep him busy to avoid destroying your shoes because he’s just doing what he does best when bored, chewing.

        You could also praise him whenever he chews only on the right things. Surround him with lots of stimulating toys to keep him happy, busy and healthy so you save on your shoe money.

        Worth your

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